Expect to be here for 1 ½ hours

DO NOT eat or drink for at least 6 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

You may take regular medication with a sip of water. DO NOT take your diabetic medication (including insulin).

Have a driver.  You will need someone to drive you home in case you receive conscious sedation during the procedure.

Our staff will bring you back to the clinic area. Your companion may be with you in the pre-op/post-op area while you are getting ready.  The doctor will speak with you before your procedure.

An angiogram is a sterile procedure. Your nurse will monitor your comfort and vital signs throughout the procedure and administer any medications that need to be given.  Your access arm will be cleaned.   The team will apply sterile drapes and a “tent” over you with an opening on one side. The Doctor will numb your access with Lidocaine, causing a “pinch and burn” sensation. This is the start of the procedure. During the procedure, contrast dye will be injected into your access and x-ray pictures will be taken to evaluate flow and see if there is any narrowing (stenosis).  If narrowing is discovered, the doctor will do a balloon angioplasty (to stretch narrowing).  If it is too uncomfortable, you will be given pain medication directly into your bloodstream via your dialysis access. Please inform the nurse if you have any new or unusual symptoms that you did not have prior to the procedure.

The procedure lasts 15-30 minutes. You will be escorted back to your chair where your companion will join you.  The Doctor will discuss his findings and show you the pictures once the procedure is over.